Therm-Service für Kraftwerke und Industrie GmbH | Worldwide one of the most experienced in chemical cleaning services

Part of a strong Business Network

Our parent company is Solarca Group. Therm Service is a company with a long success history in the field of chemical cleaning that is now reinforced by its integration into a leading group of companies in the field of chemical cleaning and steam blowing worldwide.

The services that Solarca Group offers include chemical cleaning and steam and air blowing pre-commissioning and maintenance services worldwide. One of the most important contributions of Therm Service into the Solarca Group is its expertise in the chemical cleaning of Supercritical Coal Fired Power Plants.

GRUPO SOLARCA offers the expertise and range of a corporate Group with an International presence and a proven ability to undertake industrial maintenance projects of all sizes. Our versatility in the sector makes us the ideal provider of industrial services. SOLARCA growth during these years is the result of our experience based on a constant technological development, adequate formation and a commitment to service and quality to our customers.

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