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Expertise and proven Professional Competence

THERM SERVICE GmbH has the following approvals and certificates:

  • Permission to work on systems and facilities
    In accordance with §20 of the Ionised Rays Protection Ordinance (StrlSchV) as amended on 30 June 1989 (BGB1 I S. 1321), last amended by order on 3 April 1990 (BGB1 I S. 607) in conjunction with §17 Atom Act owing to promulgation on 15 July 1985 (BGB1 I S. 1565) changed by Article 9 of Act of 18 Februray 1986 (BGB1 I S. 265).
  • VDE terms according to VDI guidelines
    Adherence to official and technical regulations, f. ex. VDI, VDE, TÜV, VDEW, the commercial inspectorate, the VGB, the Employer's Liability Insurance Association, the TRD, the Pressure Vessel Code, the SE Material Specifications and the SE Material Container Guidelines as well as the "generally recognized codes of practice".
  • European Patent no. 0836879
    "Method and device for oil removal from cooling water systems"
  • European Patent no. 159869
    "Method of chemical cleaning of a gas and vapor installation"