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Pre-operational cleaning involves the chemical cleaning of a new plant before its first commissioning. Depending on the surface condition and start-up specifications, the selection of the appropriate pre-operational cleaning procedure depends on various individual factors. Considering the environmental loads, the required surface cleanliness, the steam purity to be obtained within a certain time and last, but not least, the economic efficiency. One of various pre-operational cleaning methods may be chosen.

Operational cleaning involves the removal of deposits formed during operation. According to the thickness, composition, state of material and the operational needs the operator chooses to clean or renew the tubes. The Association of Power Plant Owners recommends the disposal if a film of 500 g/m2 has accumulated on the inner surface of the heated tube within the steamer and/or the pressure loss has increased considerably.

Cleaning procedures have to be adapted to the continuously changing environmental directives whilst maintaining cost effectiveness. To achieve this goal THERM SERVICE has developed the “1 Phase Procedure” that does not only shorten the procedure itself but requires considerably less water. In December 2005 this became the European Patent No. 1598629.

We professionally and reliably cover the service sectors’ water and waste water treatment. We are certified according to §19 I of the Water Resources Act.