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The “Low-Noise“ – Steam Blow Method is a continuous steam blowing technique that is designed to maximise the mass velocity or the fluidized bed potential via using available steam conditions.

This is accomplished by using low steam pressures and high specific volumes to achieve high steam velocities continuously throughout the system. To desuperheat and decelerate the steam in the temporary piping, the attemperators supplied by THERM SERVICE will be used. The noise level will be reduced to < 90dB at a distance of approximately 3 meters. To collect solid particles and spare spray water a seperator will be used.

The steam blow will be used to remove adherent and loose residuals from the pipe system. To monitor the cleanliness of steam blowing a polished metal target will be inserted into the continuous steam-flow by a remote-controlled pneumatic Target Inserter. The particles loosened by the steam flow would subsequently impact into the target. This enables us to check the condition of the tubes. The steam blow is continued until the target shows the smallest possible number of impacts.