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Removing damages professionally and economically

This service represents an economic and time-saving repair method for condensers and heat exchangers.

Generally, it can be assumed that an average of 85% of breakdowns of heat exchangers is due to damages within the area of the tube and sheet collector/tube as well as within up to 150 mm length of the induction area of the heat exchanger tubes. These erosion and corrosion damages are mostly due to turbulences within the in- and/or outlet of the heat exchanger tubes.
We use thin walled cannings made of different materials to repair such damaged areas. These are either expanded or widened hydraulically. This enables us to restore the functionality of the single tube without having to exchange it as a whole.

Damaged tubes outside the induction area can be restored by applying the TS-Relining-System.  Thin walled Relining Tubes are inserted into the damaged tubes and expand them up to a length of 13 m.

Alloys (e.g. CuNi, VA) that are galvanically compatible with the material of the damaged tube are used for the cannings of the Relining tubes. Their wall thickness lies approximately in the range of 0.4 and 0.7 mm.

For further restoration measures THERM SERVICE offers different heat-proof coating materials with a heat resistance of 140 to 160 °C on continuous, and up to 190 °C on short operations.

Since 1992 we have successfully installed 250,000 tubes and sleeves in the area of power plant and/or industry