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Wide Range of Services and extraordinary Know-How

The energy and plant construction companies are faced with a new market that is governed by demand. To keep up with the market changes, we have not only adapted our existing cleaning methods to the current changing material and environmental requirements but we have also developed new processes to ensure the availability and effectiveness of our services. An example is the “RÖKU” process which is a patented method to remove oil from intermediate cooling water systems while operating the plant to be cleaned.

At THERM SERVICE we are involved with further development of the “VGB 513 guide line” concerning „Internal Cleaning of Water-Tube Steam Generating Plants and Associated Pipework”.

Our Core Services

Pre-operational/operational Chemical Cleaning

  • Calculation of the needed flow rates
  • Cleaning schemes (or cleaning flow diagrams)
  • Water time table
  • Deposit inspections and analysis
  • Concept to minimize water consumption
  • Waste water treatment concept
  • Waste management concept
  • Documentation for the application
  • Design of earth pits

Sliding Pressure Gradient Steam Blow

  • Stress calculation for the temporary blow out pipe and supporting frames
  • Calculation of the necessary water quantity
  • Calculation of the necessary pump capacity
  • Implementation of the Low Noise Blow unit
  • Concept to reduce water consumption
  • Issuing of the documentation
  • Blow out schemes

Oil Removal

  • Damage identification
  • Oil analysis
  • Emulsifier analysis
  • Implementation of the ultrafiltration implant
  • Sewage conditioning concept
  • Disposal concept
  • Documentation for the application

Condenser Repaire

  • Damage identification
  • Damage classification
  • Determination of repair material
  • Choice of repair method