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The RÖKU (membrane based method filtration) procedure is based on "Ultrafiltration" and enables the removal of oil during the operational implant.
The oil that floats on the surface of the water that contacts the cooling circuit is emulsified by an emulsifier that is added to the cooling water. This emulsion is split serially batch-wise into two streams through an Ultrafiltration unit that operates within the bypass and is equipped with ceramic diaphragms. The two streams are:

  1. The filtrate that still contains parts of the emulsifyer and is recycled into the circuit
  2. The concentrate that contains the oil micro-drops which are separated from the emulsion of the membrane.

The concentrate becomes the substance that removes the oil from the circuit and can be forwarded to further waste disposal.

THERM SERVICE has registered the following patents for this „Procedure and Device to Remove Oil Soilage from Cooling Water Systems during Operation“ :

  • German Patent no.   19642640 30.12.1999
  • European Patent no. 0836879 30.05.2001